Top Benefits Of Tomatoes For Having A Good Health

Tomatoes is one of the main component or part of our daily dishes . Tomatoes generally belongs to the category of fruit but it is regarded as vegetable by many people . As tomatoes are the base of many types recipes it have many good health benefits.

Lets Discuss Top Ten Benefits Of Tomatoes :

  1. It helps in weight lose

Tomatoes have low calories and contains water , fibre and chromium which removes fat and regulates the health and growth of the tissues . so, tomatoes can be used in order to lose  weight .

  1. It contains many types nutrients

Tomatoes are the part of many vitamins such as A , C ,K and B6 . More over tomatoes have  much amount of potassium , omega 6 fatty acid , vitamin B9 , water , fibre and manganese.

  1. Tomatoes contains lycopene

A nutrient called lycopene is the most important part of tomatoes . lycopene helps to fight  against  cancer , aids of eyes and maintains skin health .

  1.  It prevents lungs damage occurring by cigarettes

Tomatoes in the form of juice contains antioxidant properties which prevents lungs damage . This antioxidants not only prevents the damage but also it reverse this damages occurring by smoking.

  1. Tomatoes makes the bone more stronger

Tomatoes contain vitamin K and lycopene.  This two components of tomatoes saves the bone and  makes it more stronger as vitamin K has such capability that it saves the bone from different fractures and lycopene acts as strong antioxidant which prevent the cell from damage and makes the bone more stronger .

  1. It saves the vision of eye

Tomatoes contains vitamin A which clears the vision of eyes .  This component of tomatoes prevents the eyes from many types eye diseases such as night blindness.

7. It saves the skin

Fine lines and wrinkles happening on the skin are because of UV light from the sun .  This fine lines and wrinkles found in the skin can be reduced by the Tomatoes’ lycopene .

  1. It balances the blood sugar

Tomatoes contain 3% to 4% chromium. This amount of chromium helps to balance the blood sugar and prevents from the disease called diabetes .

  1. It saves the heart

Tomatoes contains 9% to 10% potassium .By many researchers it is found that when tomatoes are eating its potassium replaces the sodium present in the body which is helpful for preventing the heart from cardiovascular diseases and it is also helpful for controlling the blood pressure .

  1. It maintains the hair

Tomatoes contains much amount of vitamin K . This component of tomatoes makes the roots of the hair more stronger and maintains the overall growth of the hair . If tomatoes are used in the form of juice then it can makes the hair more stronger and can improve it texture and appearances . So, tomatoes can used in order to reduce hair fall  and maintain the hair .




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