Know these Ten Benefits of Trees & Make the World Greener

Trees are your best friend. There are a lot of benefits that trees are providing us. The major ten benefits of trees are given below so that you understand the value of trees and start promoting tree plantation in and around you.

You may face a lot of changes in the environment in your day to day life. Global warming is the main reason behind it. The only plantation of trees can save you from this situation. Here are ten benefits of trees and knowing this will help you and all others to plant more and more trees everywhere around us.

  1. Trees produce oxygen in a greater amount at the time of photosynthesis and leave it to the environment. It helpsus in breathing properly.
  2. The rise in temperature occurs due to the storage of excess greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide is one of the main ingredients of these greenhouse gases. Trees can take this carbon dioxide and release oxygen. It helps to reduce the greenhouse effect.
  3. Trees have the ability to clean the air. They can absorb the pollutant and gases that are responsible for releasing odor in the environment.
  4. Trees can reduce the temperature to a greater extent. Researchers have seen that a street full of trees has a lower temperature than the streets having a lesser amount of trees.
  5. Trees can conserve water. They provide shades to the soil. It helps the soil to cool down and thus help to reduce the water evaporation from the soil.
  6. Trees provide food to animals and human beings. It also provides shelter to many birds and animals.
  7. Trees create economic opportunities. For example, fruits and flowers yield from trees are sold by human beings and they earn money out of it.
  8. Trees release a lot of moisture in the environment. It helps in keeping the moisture of the air.
  9. Trees help to prevent soil erosion.
  10. Trees are helpful in fighting against ultraviolet rays of the sun.

These are the ten benefits of trees which are reasons enough to start planting trees all around. This is high time that you also start spreading the word among everyone. So plant more and more trees to save the world.

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