Health Benefits of Banana to Enrich Your Daily Nutrients Intake

benefits of banana


In our busy lives, we won’t have much time to take care of ourselves. Daily exercise or maintaining a daily diet plan could be time taking. But to maintain our busy schedule we need more energy. Only a good diet could give that amount of energy. A healthy and fit body is a rare thing to possess nowadays. But if you take some fruits and vegetables daily then you could achieve that goal. Banana is one of the most nutrient-filled fruit and easy to find one in all locations. There are some health benefits of banana if you include in your daily diet.

  1. Improve Digestive System

Banana is a very fibre reached fruit. Fibres could improve your digestive system immensely. From an average size banana, you could get approximately 3 grams fibres. It contains two types of fibres, pectin, and resistant starch. It also helps in preventing colon cancer and the good of friendly stomach bacteria.

  1. Helps to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

The fibres in bananas, pectin and resistant starch, both help to maintain blood sugar level. After the meal, it will reduce the rate of stomach emptying, as while you have it you will feel full for some time.

  1. Contains Important Nutrients

Banana has an enriched amount of fibres and antioxidants. It also has an ample amount of potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, copper, manganese, carbohydrates, some proteins and a little number of fats.

  1. Helps in Losing Weight

As bananas are low in calories and enriched with nutrients and fibres, it helps to maintain a low-calorie diet plan.

  1. Enriched with Antioxidants

With the fair amount of antioxidants, it helps to reduce the damages caused by free radicals and also helps to decrease the risks of some diseases.

  1. Maintains Heart’s Healthy

As it contains a big amount of potassium and magnesium, the two most important sources to maintain the health of our heart, it is really helpful in lessening the chances of heart diseases.

  1. Take Part in Improving Kidney’s Health

With the good amount of potassium, banana has the ability to h3elp in reducing the risks of kidney diseases. If one takes bananas several times in a week then they could help in the kidney’s health.

  1. Helps to Maintain Insulin Sensitivity

Though there is a need for more research, one could say that an unripe banana could help to maintain the sensitivity of insulin levels.

  1. Helps to Feel You, Full

A ripe banana contains the fair amount of fibres that would help to reduce the appetite, as it would make you feel full.

  1. Easy to Include in Diet

You could find it easily and also carry it with you wherever you go to have it whenever you feel like eating.

So, with these top benefits of banana, you now understand how much it is important to take it several times a week. Never forget to include it in your diet plan and lead a healthy lifeforever.



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