Health Benefits Of Banana for Becoming The Healthiest One


Bananas are the most general fruit found all over the globe. It is seedless fruit but has more health benefits compared to the fruits with seed. Its health benefits are known to everyone because of its popularity in the world.

Let’s Discuss Its Ten Health Benefits of Bananas:

  1. It is good for heart –

Bananas are good or healthy for heart because it contains lots of fibre and fibre is good for heart as it prevents the heart from risk of the cardio vascular disease and coronary heart disease .

  1. It contains lost of nutrients –

Bananas contains lots natural minerals and vitamins such as potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron, folate, vitamin B6 etc . This all minerals and vitamins are useful for taking care of all the function occurring inside the body .

  1. It maintains the blood pressure –

Bananas can manage the blood pressure because of two reasons that is presence of potassium and absence  salt .salt is always responsible for high blood pressure and potassium always keeps the blood pressure in control .As bananas contains high percentage of potassium and low percent of salt so, when banana enters the body it releases potassium which displaces or decreases the amount of salt by which the blood pressure comes in control .

  1. It prevents the vision –

Vision can only be prevented by some antioxidants. Banana contains this antioxidants which can prevent the eye from many disease such as night blindness, muscular degeneration etc and can improve the vision .

  1. It makes the bones strong –

Banana contains calcium which is responsible for all round development of the bones . Calcium enters the bones and improves its strength and flexibility .

  1. It is useful for losing weight –

Bananas contains  less amount of calories which is good factor for losing weight. Moreover, it contains fibre and healthy nutrients which can also help in losing weight.

  1. It prevents the kidney –

Due to the presence of potassium in good amount banana can also prevent the kidney from having any type disease .

  1. It prevents from diabetes –

Banana contains pectin which can decrease the circulation of glucose during the time of diabetes which is good sign for the people suffering from diabetes .

  1. It prevent from the risk of anemia –

Banana contains iron which is not only an important part of red blood cell but also helps in  increasing the number of red blood cell by working with copper .Copper Is also present in banana but in  less amount. The process of increasing the red blood cell in number can prevent from the risk of anemia.

  1. It also helps in gaining weight –

When banana is consumed with milk helps in gaining weight as the body can get two things that is protein (from milk ) and sugar (from banana) . So, banana can help an under – weight person to gain some weight .

Above points where some of the special and important health benefits of banana. Leaving this benefits of banana has many more benefits which are making bananas more special and more healthy fruit from rest all fruits present in this world .




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