Benefits Of Guavas For Living An Comfortable Healthy Life

Guavas are seasonal fruits . In spite of being seasonal fruits guavas have more quality then those compared to the non-seasonal fruits .Guava is recognised as a super fruit because  it contains lot so of helpful nutrients .  It have rise in the popularity level every year because it provides more health benefits than many other fruits .

Lets Discuss Top Ten Health Benefits OF Guava :

  1. It prevents the vision of eye –

Guava contains vitamin A and vitamin C . This two vitamin works together and prevents the vision of eye from many disease such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

2.It protects the heart –

Guava contains lots of fibre and due to the presence of fibre guava can  prevent the heart . Fibre helps in protecting heart as fibre when enter the body it decreases the level of cholesterol .

  1. It can manage the blood circulation –

Guava contains potassium . when potassium enters the body it decreases the amount of sodium present in the body through which blood pressure comes in control .

  1. It maintains the digestive systems –

Guava contains fibre and vitamin C . Fibre prevents the digestive system from different problems such as constipation , gas , piles etc .On the other hand vitamin C removes all the impurities present in intestine and cleans the digestive system . Thus, guava helps in maintaining the digestive system .

  1. Helps in losing weight –

The main reason behind the weight gain is calories and the reason behind the weight loss is fibre . In guava the calories are low in amount and fibre are more in amount so we can easily understand that guava can help in losing weight .

  1. It can help to rise the immunity level –

Guava is rich source of vitamin C . Vitamin C is the most important nutrient which can manage the immunity level and can prevent the body from many types of disease .

  1. It improves your brain –

Guava contains vitamin B6 and vitamin B3 . This two vitamin can improve the function of nerves and  can improve the sensing power of brain .

  1. It reduces the stress –

Guava contains magnesium . Magnesium is that type of nutrient which can help to relax the muscles and nerves through all the body parts are able to get relief

  1. Helps in diabetes –

When guava is consumed in the form of juice its glycemic index is decreased so it becomes very beneficial for those peoples who are suffering from diabetes .

  1. It protects from cold and cough –

Guava contains vitamin C and iron which helps in cleaning the respiratory tract of mucus and other more infectants through the flow of oxygen and the saliva is improved and the body is prevented from cough and cold .

  1. It is helpful for the pregnant women –

Guava contains vitamin B9 which is always recommended to the pregnant women  by doctors as it helps in  the  development of the nervous system of  the baby .




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